China made Electronic ignition

Just got the package from the China Vendor. He had also wrote a long letter to me.

The thing is a modified Bosch 009 Distributor with 8 sets of new modified electronic ignition.

The new electronic ignition system is even bigger then the petronix ignitor.

The casing of the distributor needed to drill 2 holes to fasten the bigger electronics and heat sink.

IMG-20150114-WA0000 IMG-20150114-WA0002


Semi-finished tachometer

Additional mod to the tach:

1. Added ST L7812 voltage regulator to the circuit. Stabilize the input voltage to 12V

2. Added a 220uF cap on the regulator output.

3. Cleaned and assembled


Test will be carried out on weekend on my VWs.


Circuit check on ’72 Porsche 914 VDO Tach

Found the circuit schematic from Internet. it is somehow different version as our tach. but the basic concept is the same:

Checking detail:

  • 7W Z1 Zener diode ouput 7.1 V … okay , working
  • 3 transistors BSX68 … okay, de-soldered and checked
  • 3 IN4148 diode,… okay, checked working
  • 3 capacitors de-soldered.. checked okay, some leaking and weaken capacitance, but still working

Spare transistor parts: BSX68 is a 40 years old transistor. Common replacement is NPN 2n3904 that I have a few at home.


IMG_20130918_104830Β  IMG_20130918_104753

IMG_20130918_105054 IMG_20130918_104548

Repairing the 70s Porsche VDO Tach


This is the precise Signal Generator from my company Lab.

Technicians claimed it worth twenty thousand HKD back 10 yrs ago.

I tried 10v to 14v square wave, range 1khz to 10khz. No response. πŸ™

Then tried to put a 3v DC across the pointer rotor motor. ItΒ  turns. πŸ™‚

Ignition MOFET IC arrived

Got another shipment from Element14 (Farnell). This IC will be put on the ignition sub circuit.