Additional mod to the tach:

1. Added ST L7812 voltage regulator to the circuit. Stabilize the input voltage to 12V

2. Added a 220uF cap on the regulator output.

3. Cleaned and assembled


Test will be carried out on weekend on my VWs.


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Found the circuit schematic from Internet. it is somehow different version as our tach. but the basic concept is the same:

Checking detail:

  • 7W Z1 Zener diode ouput 7.1 V … okay , working
  • 3 transistors BSX68 … okay, de-soldered and checked
  • 3 IN4148 diode, … okay, checked working
  • 3 capacitors de-soldered.. checked okay, some leaking and weaken capacitance, but still working

Spare transistor parts: BSX68 is a 40 years old transistor. Common replacement is NPN 2n3904 that I have a few at home.


IMG_20130918_104830  IMG_20130918_104753

IMG_20130918_105054 IMG_20130918_104548

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This is the precise Signal Generator from my company Lab.

Technicians claimed it worth twenty thousand HKD back 10 yrs ago.

I tried 10v to 14v square wave, range 1khz to 10khz. No response. 🙁

Then tried to put a 3v DC across the pointer rotor motor. It  turns. 🙂

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